Chair Sniffing

What, you’ve never heard of chair sniffing?  Let me explain.

It’s late on a Friday, the office is empty, and you walk by the desk of an cutie you’ve had your eye on.  You round the corner, hoping to see her — drat, she’s not there.  You step into her cube, looking at her phone, her keyboard, the pictures of her husband on her desk.  You look at her chair.  Less than an hour ago, she was sitting right in that chair.  Her cute butt was planted right there on the seat cushion.

Yes, her ass — right there.  You quickly look around, but the office is empty.  You bend down, plant your nose on the seat cushion, and take a deep sniff.

In my first post, I alluded to this practice.  I think every guy has done this at least once in his lifetime.  I’ll admit, it’s a cheap, perverted thrill, but I still do it.  And the results are interesting.  Sometimes, you catch a whiff of perfume.  Sometimes, you only smell upholestry.  But sometimes, you catch a little musky aroma.  Oh, sweet!  Those are the times you stay there for a few minutes, drinking in her womanly scent.

The only chair I’ve sniffed recently is Hasna’s chair, but all I’ve smelled is baby powder.  Oh well.

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3 Responses to “Chair Sniffing”

  1. officeplayer Says:

    Aha! I knew others did this!

  2. Paul Schmuel Isaachson Says:

    Yes! I do this all the time! Thank god that there are others who engage in similar behavior. I think that some chicks’ chairs smell fantastic. One time I accidentally smelled the chair of my 67-year-old boss, named Helga. It smelled like an old petri dish that had been growing foul bacteria for years. Yeeeeesh. Que horrible. That was my bad.

  3. Will Bergher Says:

    too bad if she ate a prawn curry and drank heaps of VB the night before….

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